Sightseeing train

or also: tourist train, trackless train, city train, road train


Sightseeing trains consist of one locomotive and a maximum of four trailers. Trailer doors can be locked and are equipped with safety chain.

The red tourist train can transport 20, the blue 40 and the white 60 passengers. The number of transported persons can be extended by additional trailers. Passenger capacity of trains is given in the table below.

  1 trailer 2 trailers 3 trailers 4 trailers
Blue train 20 seats 40 seats
White train 20 seats 40 seats 60 seats
Red train 20 seats 40 seats 60 seats 80 seats

The vehicle is fitted with padded seats. A transparent foil protects sightseers from rain or wind.

The trains are equipped with a built-in media system:

  • amplification by microphone in the trailers
  • GPS guidance system
  • playing of own soundmaterial (from pendrive in MP3 or WMA)
  • AUX port



  • Height: 245 cm
  • Width: 180 cm
  • Length: maximum 24 m (with 4 trailers)
  • Turning circle diameter: 12 m

The maximum speed of the sightseeing train is 25 km/h.

Every sightseeing trains have license plates, therefore they can circulate in public vehicular traffic.

The train can only be rented with the driver.